Job Description

Senior Design Engineer

Contract M-F 40 hours weekly
6+ Months 


This position is responsible for development of complex electrohydraulic, electromechanical, mechanical, hydromechanical and electropneurnatic components and systems that will become the new products. The incumbent plans and conducts efforts requiring judgment in the independent evaluation, selection, and substantial adaptation and modification of standard and nonstandard engineering techniques, procedures, and criteria.
The Senior Design Engineer independently devises new approaches for the problems encountered and plans and coordinates the work of others.


A variety of technical functions exist within the Design/Development Engineering Department. Reporting to the Division's Chief Engineer typically are Associate Engineers, Development Engineers, Design and Project Engineers, Senior Design and Senior Project Engineers, Senior Staff Engineers, and Principal Engineers, as well as Engineering Managers, Section Heads or Group Leaders.

The Senior Design Engineer typically reports to an Engineering Manager, Section Head or Group Leader within the department or he/she might report directly to the Chief Engineer. The incumbent requires guidance on general assignment objectives and critical issues, but he/she is expected to make independent and unreviewed decisions on most technical matters. His/Her work is periodically reviewed for application of sound professional judgment as it applies to meeting overall program and company objectives.

The Senior Design Engineer is a primary motivator and contributor to the analysis, conceptual design, development, and testing of complex control hardware used on military, commercial and NASA vehicles and equipment. The products of Client generally are unique for each customer. Therefore, most new applications require a special, tailored design, even though adaptation of existing designs always should be considered where appropriate. The incumbent's operating as a part of a design team will be responsible for the physical hardware design. He/She must oversee the efforts of drafting personnel and Assembly & Test Technicians. In this role he/she must be an inspirational leader, a creative problem solver, and must be sensitive to feedback from team members to identify and resolve problems before the design is released to production.

In the early stages of a new program, the Senior Design Engineer will consult with the customer, establish the problem statement, conceive of potential hardware solutions to the problem, often through extensive trade studies, and then create a successful technical proposal. This phase is critical in that it establishes the basis for future design, and for contract negotiations.

During the design and development phase the Senior Design Engineer will initiate and carry out any analyses necessary to ensure the integrity and conformance of the design. These will include stress analysis, fracture mechanics, thermal analysis, and producibility analyses. The incumbent is responsible for selecting the materials, fits, heat treatment and finishes used in the design. He/She must be familiar with the properties and characteristics of materials and processes used in Client hardware, and with all standards and requirements pertinent to the Division's industry, such as Military, FAA, and NASA specifications.

The Senior Design Engineer is responsible for actively communicating with the involved Division personnel who will be manufacturing hardware. He/She must frequently communicate with Reliability, Environmental Test, and Test Equipment Designers to keep them current on design status and ensure compatibility with their activities. Frequent consultation during both the proposal and design phases with the Manufacturing and Product Engineering personnel is crucial. Often these groups must be motivated and persuaded to consider novel or unorthodox methods of manufacture and test in order to preserve the simplicity or integrity of the design.

The incumbent also must be sensitive to the expertise of manufacturing personnel, responding to their suggestions when appropriate. A delicate balance must be struck to achieve high producibility and cost effective parts and assemblies that satisfy quality and performance goals. The Senior Design Engineer is expected to provide the leadership and cooperation to ensure this happens.

The incumbent's responsibilities may include the direct supervision of up to four subordinate engineers and/or project or product engineering technicians. This would include setting their workload and priorities, counseling and conducting performance appraisals.

This individual will represent a high level of design problem solving in the Company. He/She must often act as a technical consultant for other programs both in development and in production. The incumbent must be able to communicate fluently to audiences representing a wide variety of skills, background, and disciplines. Travel, sometimes frequent, will be required to communicate with customer engineering groups.

The Senior Mechanical Design Engineer's primary responsibility is the mechanical design of often complex servornechanisms, while that of the Senior Electrical Design Engineer is the design of complex electronic control hardware. In both cases this includes working with the customer to understand and define the design constraints, helping to write a winning proposal, conceiving novel mechanical or electrical solutions, performing design analysis, developing hardware, providing accurate and proper documentation of the design, and designing for producibility. He/She must be prepared to sell the features of the design and its implementations to both the customer and the division personnel who will be manufacturing and supporting the design.

To achieve the position of Senior Design Engineer, an individual will have at least a BS degree in electrical engineering with extensive experience in creating successful designs of electrohydraulic, electromechanical, mechanical and/or electropneurnatic servornechanisms and their control electronics. For a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer broad background in design analysis, including stress analysis, kinematics, strength of materials, fluid mechanics, and vibration is essential.

Experience with closed loop systems, fluid power control, servornechanisms, fracture mechanics and Computer Aided Design is desirable. A Senior Electrical Design Engineer should have solid knowledge of circuit design and a wide range of electrical components. Most important is a proven record of accomplishments including successfully developed and produced designs and a demonstrated ability to participate in a product design team.


1. Develop new product requirements through consulting with customers and sales personnel.

2. Validate conceptual problem solutions by performing trade studies and analyses.

3. Be a key contributor to a design proposal team in preparing a design, estimating costs, and assisting in writing the technical volume.

4. Operate effectively as a key element in a team of creative, independent individuals, soliciting and being sensitive to design feedback.

5. Represent Client in a manner consistent with its technical reputation.

6. Create reliable designs through a comprehensive experimental development test program.

7. Document designs, analyses, and test results with accurate and concise reports.

8. Consult on new product and market development efforts.

9. Maintain currency with materials technology, industry design requirements (Military, FAA, NASA, etc.), and modern design analysis tools.

10. When applicable supervise subordinate engineers and project/product engineering technicians.

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